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Amy locane brendan fraser dating

Mantegna carries a weariness on him in the role, though he’s still the owner of the old rebellious spirit.Michael Mc Kean, in another mild joke of the movie, does a great, cowardly rat as the station manager; Judd Nelson sports slicked hair, an unsettling smirk and even more unsettling facial hair as the slimeball record exec; David Arquette is a mild comedy gem; Michael Richards plays to his physical comedy strengths; Reg E.

It was the debut script from writer Rich Wilkes, whose work has always reflected his growing up in L. It’s satirical, but also quite scattergun in choosing its satirical targets.Now that a new demographic had been identified as viable target, Hollywood naturally set their sights on them.Some were of a more straight dramatic measure, but music was a big draw.The thing that comes across strongest from the film is the innate desire to express oneself, and that’s what lies at the heart of not just music, but any art form.Everyone feels things and the also feel the need to express those feelings.

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The cast do a great job, with a memorable performance given in almost every role.

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