Become less intimidating guys

Posted by / 21-Sep-2017 22:42

Become less intimidating guys

Work-wise, I beat hundreds if not thousands to secure a place in a top multinational corporation (Procter & Gamble) two years before I was supposed to graduate.Later on, I quit my well-paying job in P&G right at the start of a financial crisis no less, to pursue my passion to help others—with no prior skills or knowledge in this area.

Despite people lauding me from a place of good intention, I would feel mixed about being such a “strong” person (read: woman).

I don’t want to have a romantic partner because I believe love is an important part of life. When around others, I would dumb myself down as much as possible. Where others have no problems landing the relationship of their dreams, I seem unable to do so.

Rather than discern, I would put my analytical brain on hold. While I have never had any problems achieving business goals or developing awesome friendships, it would seem that getting into a romantic relationship with someone I desire was out of my grasp.

The further I “climbed”, the harder it seemed for me to find a guy who could match my achievements.

People often speak of the archetypal lone career woman who is highly accomplished yet barren in her love life, and I could see myself gradually trawling into this direction.

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Believe it or not, even though I was trying my utmost ability to intimidate guys, I would still wind up intimidating them anyway, through no direct action of my own. (I later found out from a common friend that he is highly averse to strong female characters, which would include me.)I thought one reason for the unwitting intimidation could be my height, which is 1.7m—taller than the average Asian girl. It took a while, but I finally found the answer to my heart’s dilemma.