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The cirque was up to a square kilometre in size surrounded on three sides by steep cliffs. The fourth side was the "lip" from which the glacier flowed away from the cirque.

Over thousands of years ice flowed out through the bowl's opening carving the chair of Cadair Idris.

It read: 'If Facebook and Twitter comments are anything to go by her legacy she leaves behind are memories for friends and family alike that were lucky enough to share in her fun and enthusiasm for life and the loyalty shown to those she cared about.

Night out: Miss Spencer, who was known by her stage name Carla Mai, was reportedly at a drug-fuelled party at a seafront flat in Brighton (pictured).

This tradition (of sleeping on the summit of the Mountain) apparently stems from bardic traditions, where bards would sleep on the mountain in hope of inspiration.

In these depressions, snow persisted through summer months, and becomes glacial ice.

However, this translation is mistaken and there is no etymological or traditional connection between Idris and Arthur.

In Welsh mythology, Cadair Idris is also said to be one of the hunting grounds of Gwyn ap Nudd and his Cŵn Annwn.

It appears that Cadair/Cadeir Idris is the form used in the earliest Welsh-language sources.

In a poem in his own hand in the second half of the fifteenth century, the poet Lewys Glyn Cothi wrote 'Dros gadair idris gedy' ('and then over Cadair Idris').

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Its length from the mountain's base is 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) with a 600 metres (2,000 ft) climb.