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Take into account that in Russia there are a few million more women than men or that Russian men are usually chauvinist and tend to be unfaithful, so you can understand why Russian ladies are currently looking for foreign men who to build a relationship with.Dear Sirs, I am writing to warn you about the activities of miss Nikandrova, in case she is registered at your agency or attempts to do so.No doubt that, considering how low the salaries can be in Russia, she must be living on the money that she has received from foreign men. I played it through just to prove that she was a thief. I figured it was money well spent if I could prove my suspicion and get her off the Internet before she really hurt some unsuspecting man and stole too much money from too many people. After I emailed her to tell her what a bad person she was, she tried to email a file to me entitled "me_nude." It was infected with a virus. I was well aware of what was happening with Tatiana by the time we had exchanged 3 letters. She said she was a manager for a travel agency and so getting a visa would be no problem. She agreed and said she had her own $ and would pay half of her airline ticket which would be discounted because she is a travel agent.Added to the above, I have found out that Miss Nikandrova has a boy-friend in St. I believe that she is not interested in meeting a foreign man to marry (perhaps a rich man she can fool, yes) but to simply live on whatever she can extract from foreign men. Reynolds*I want to warn you about Tatiana Leschinskaya. After much coordination regarding flights & plans, throughout which she unknowingly revealed her evil intent, I sent her 0 via Western Union.Petersburg's State university, Mariinsky and Menshikov Palaces, the Admiralty, the Bronze Horseman and the monument to Catherine the Great. t miss the Opera theater, Nevsky Prospekt, and : that means -I am sure- that she will gladly lead you to the most beautiful places in St. Petersburg, Russia, you will be able to meet in real life the ladies you have been emailing on our dating website.

For a start, I would say they are -besides beautiful- very well-educated women. I mean, you will seldom see a Russian woman step out from her house in jeans and a t-shirt, even if she's just going to the store.I have been seeing a girl in the Ukraine and visited her several times, at no time had she asked for money.After 3 trips and my friends helping, I have decided she is the girl. I have been corresponding with "Oksana" who said her next door neighbor is Maria and gave the same phone number 007-812-2453356. She also asked for money for a visa and plane tickets.During the time that I was in contact with her, she asked for money to be sent to her on a number of occasions.Her reasons were that she needed the money to be able to meet me.

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Of course, I have not heard from her since, accept the "me_nude" attempts, and I emailed her 4 messages.