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Eclipse updating indexes hangs

Since these are specific tool options and not makefile targets, the build process does not know about them and is not able to remove them when executing the clean target.

Usually these files are generated during each build, so after successful builds they should always be up to date.

Preferably avoid using Win XP 64, as recommended below.

If you are using Win XP 64 and, while starting J-Link or Open OCD debug sessions, the launcher hangs at about 62%, you are facing an Eclipse Java bug, not able to start external processes on Win XP 64.

If you imported the project from another workspace and notice that the debugging session fails with messages like: /Users/build/GCC-4-8-build/gcc-arm-none-eabi-4_8-2014q2-20140609/src/gdb/gdb/linespec.c:2445: internal-error: decode_line_full: Assertion `state->canonical_names[i].suffix ! A problem internal to GDB has been detected, further debugging may prove unreliable.

you are facing a GDB Eclipse bug, related to an incorrect import of the breakpoints existing in the original project.

It is necessary to press the Apply button for this change to be effective.

The linker and the assembler files are not removed when running the project Clean process.

Due to a problem buried deep into Eclipse, in certain conditions, immediately after renaming a project, right clicking on a project and choosing Build Configurations → Build All, will display an error window, claiming that the project that the renamed project no longer exist: The problem is related to a caching mechanism, and is easily cured by exiting Eclipse and opening it again.Avoid using Win XP 64, and even XP 32, they are no longer supported by newer Java version; if you really need to use them, for XP 64 preferably experiment with a 32-bits Java and a 32-bits Eclipse.Also please note that no support requests referring to Win XP 64 will be processed.In certain conditions, changing the toolchain for a project in the C/C Build → Tool Chain Editor page from another plug-in to GNU MCU Eclipse plug-in might not work; even worse, there are cases when the project is permanently damaged.There is not known way to repair such a broken project; you have to create a new project and copy the content (this is a CDT bug, not a plug-in bug).

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This is a known CDT DSF bug 219040, not a plug-in bug. Due to a CDT bug, when using the Internal builder it is not possible to generate the additional program listing.

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