Pivot table not updating with new data

Posted by / 21-Dec-2017 17:26

Using connection information in the workbook or in the schedule, the server will connect to the data sources and retrieve updated data on your behalf.

For information about setting up a workbook for automatic refresh from Share Point, see the following topics: If you need to change the data associated with a workbook, you can use the tools in the Power Pivot add-in to edit the connection information or to update the definition of the tables and columns used in your Power Pivot data.

These changes can include adding columns or tables, or changing the rows that are imported.

This topic provides the following information: Note that addition of data, changing data, or editing filters always triggers recalculation of any columns or formulas that depend on that data source. For more information, see If you need to update column metadata or get recent data for designing new formulas, you can manually refresh your data at any time.

If you have your data set linked in an external data source, you can auto-refresh every x minutes.

To recalculate the table, choose Data - Pivot Table - Refresh.

Do the same after you have imported an Excel pivot table into Libre Office Calc.

If you have published your workbook to a Power Pivot Gallery or Sharepoint site that supports Power Pivot, you or the Sharepoint administrator can create a schedule for automatically updating the data in the workbook.

In addition to getting updated data from an existing source, you will need to refresh data in your workbook whenever you make changes to the schema of the source data.

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You might also want to create different workbooks for different regions: for example, you could use the same data source but filter on a particular region. If you later decide to add more data back in you do not need to recreate the model with a different filter; instead, you can simply edit the filters that are applied to the data source to allow more data, or less.