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Validating digital signature

The certificate includes the public key, as well as a bunch of information about the person or thing holding this private key.This is like my government making me a nice looking id with a picture that can't be easily faked without special equipment - you can believe my information because you trust the government... Usually when a system verifies a signature, it not only checks that the encrypted data matches the original data, but also that a that vouches for the identity of the public key holder is also properly signed by a trusted source.A signature provides integrity, not confidentiality - there is more than one kind of security in the world.If you wanted confidentiality, you would add another security mechanism (like encryption) to the transmission.Other than that, I like where the answer is going, but could you clarify it a bit?The OP seems to be asking just about signatures are verified, not how messages are encrypted/decrypted with the keys.For highly secure systems, additional checks of up to the minute status information can be performed.

Here are my questions: A public key is part of a two key pair used in assymetric cryptography.Double checking here - do you mean the receiver of the certificate or the holder of the key?The sender (key holder) can get a key pair and a certificate in a variety of ways.If, for some reason, you have a system that does not use digital certificates, there may be other ways to determine what key pair.In the end it comes down to the security policies in place and what is deemed appropriate for the given activity that required the signature.

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